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How will upgrading my boiler save me £££s?

How will upgrading my boiler save me £££s?

Simply put – the more energy-efficient your boiler, the less energy you’ll waste and the more £££s you’ll save on your monthly energy costs.

Older boilers often have lower energy efficiency ratings, which means less of the energy you pay for to power your boiler is actually converted into heat for your home. It’s important to check your new boiler’s energy efficiency rating, and we’ll help you pick out the right option for your home.

How do I check my boiler’s efficiency rating?

Depending on the age of your boiler, it’ll have one of two possible energy efficiency ratings. For newer models made after 2015, there will be an Energy-related Products (ErP) rating.

The rating uses an A-G letter system to rank new boilers on their efficiency, with A+++ as the most efficient and G as the least. To give context, an A-rated boiler is at least 90% efficient, while a G-rated boiler’s efficiency is 70% or less.

If your boiler was installed before 2015, it should have a Season Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK (SEDBUK) rating. This uses a similar letter system – with A being the most efficient and G being the least.

Both of which would be found either on the boiler itself, or in the paperwork you received after your install. Before buying your new boiler, we’ll let you know the energy rating and make sure you’re happy.

How much can I save by buying a new boiler through Utilita Home?


Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi Boiler With Easy Control Thermostat Ideal Logic Combi Boiler With Halo Smart Thermostat Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler With Halo Smart Thermostat
Annual savings when replacing a 10+ year old gas boiler £68.04 £94.26 £68.04 £94.26 £61.13 £87.91
Annual savings when replacing a gas boiler that’s 20 years old £162.78 £189.01 £162.78 £189.01 £155.87 £182.65

The stats above show roughly how much you can expect to save annually by swapping out your old boiler with one of the models that we offer – not bad right? *

*The savings figures are based on the difference in the efficiencies of new vs old boilers. For the smart thermostats we used the supplier’s claims on increased efficiency. Values are based on April’s 2024 price caps (£0.0604/kWh). The annual heat demand is based on OFGEM’s annual average gas consumption of 10000kWh.