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What do I need to know ahead of my solar panel install?

At Utilita Home, we want to make your life as easy as possible. Deciding to make the switch to solar and picking your ideal package is hard enough, so it’s our job to take care of everything else.

We’ve put together all the information you could need – from the pros and cons of solar energy and our product suppliers, to details about your home’s eligibility and how you can maximise your savings. Once you know all the facts, it’s time to start your energy efficiency journey, and we’ve purposely made it as simple as possible.

How does the journey work from start to finish?

Step one – pick your package!

Just answer a few simple questions, and we’ll suggest the products that we think are right for you. We’ll also suggest some solar add-ons that will help you make the most out of switching to greener energy. We only offer the best products on the market, so you can feel secure in your choices.

Step two – Survey and quote!

Once you’ve got your quick quote, one of our Home Energy Consultants will give you a call to show you some designs and explain how the products would look in your home. They’ll then book in a home survey so we can make sure it’s suitable for your chosen products. We’ll keep you updated and, once you’re happy, we’ll provide a full quote that you’re comfortable with.

Step three – Quick and easy install!

When you’re happy with your quote, let us know what day works best for you and we’ll get your solar products installed, hassle-free. A team of expert engineers will get you set-up and explain exactly how to use everything before they leave.

Step four – Make your savings!

Live your life as normal, but with the added comfort of knowing you’ll be using cheaper, greener energy. Your environment will thank you, you’ll have more independence from the grid, and you’ll be saving money along the way. It’s as simple as that.

What do I need to know ahead of my install?

Once you’ve booked in your install, we’ll be in touch to let you know exactly what to expect, and we’ll give you plenty of reminders too.

Here’s what you need to know about how the install works:

  • We’ll likely need to put up scaffolding outside your home in order for our engineers to install your panels safely and accurately. This is usually done the day before your install, and we strive to take it down within three working days to cause you as little disruption as possible.
  • The full installation process should take no longer than a day to complete.
  • Your engineer will need full access to your property – so make sure they have a clear path and someone over the age of 18 is home to let them in.
  • Once your solar panels are installed, your engineer will show you how everything works and leave you with the manufacturers’ operating manuals – don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • You’ll also receive a full handover pack within five days of your install, with all the relevant certificates and warranty information.