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Is my home eligible to have solar panels installed?

As we all look towards a greener future, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular – with products like solar panels constantly dropping in price and increasing in efficiency.

With our Longi solar photovoltaic (solar PV) panels, you can reduce your reliance on the grid for your energy and save £££s in the process. We’ll work out the right package for you, install your panels hassle-free, and you’ll be powering your home directly from the sunlight for years to come. Just answer a few simple questions to get started!

How do I know if my home is eligible for solar panels?

Solar panels are a great investment in your future, but it’s important to understand that they’re not right for everyone. There’s plenty to consider before you can begin your solar journey:

  • Do you own your own home? At this time, we can only offer solar panel installations to homeowners, so if you rent, you won’t be eligible (unless you qualify for the ECO Scheme).
  • Do you live in a flat? Unfortunately, we’re unable to install solar panels if you live in a flat.
  • Is your home a listed building? If you live in a listed building, you’d need to contact your Local Planning Authority (LPA), and where necessary, apply for Listed Building Consent (LBC). If you’re unsure, you can check if your home’s protected by visiting Historic England and searching the National Heritage List for England (NHLE).
  • Does your home sit in a conservation area? Similar to above, if you think your home may sit inside of a conservation area, contact your Local Planning Authority (LPA), who will confirm, and let you know if you need planning permission to go ahead with your solar install.
I think my home is eligible, but is going solar the right decision?

As well as working out if it’s possible to install solar panels on your home, it’s perfectly normal to have questions about whether making the switch is right for you. We’re here to give you the answers you need to make the most informed decision!

  • Does it matter if my roof is shaded? It’s a reasonable question to ask, and of course, they’ll need enough sunlight to work effectively. But you’d be surprised to know that with the right placement, you can often generate more than enough energy from solar panels on a partially shaded roof to make your investment worth your while.
  • What about the UK’s bad weather? Even though the UK isn’t exactly known for being sunny, especially in the winter, we get more than enough sunlight to make solar energy a well-worth long-term investment.
  • How many solar panels would I need? Everyone’s home is different, and how many solar panels you’d need depends on the size of your property, the amount of people you live with, and how much energy you use. If we install less than you need, you won’t generate enough energy to power your home, and if you have too many, you’ll have more energy than you can use.

It’s normal not to know what your perfect solar package looks like, and it’s our job to listen to make sure you’re getting what you need.

Our Home Energy Consultant’s (HECs) are trained to create a package that perfectly suits your current needs, as well as your future needs.

To get started on your solar journey, click here, answer a few questions and one of our HECs will be in touch – it’s that simple.